Decriminalize defamation and adopt a comprehensive freedom of information law.

Mali is located in West Africa and has a population of 21.5 million people. Its 1992 constitution enshrines freedom of expression and press freedom, but in practice protections for these fundamental freedoms are fragile, particularly in light of political instability and violent extremism. Authorities target media and journalists covering security issues and anti-government protests and have previously restricted access to social media services to prevent protesters from mobilizing. Defamation is a crime and the country does not have a comprehensive freedom of information law.

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Upr cycle

Mali was last reviewed in January 2018. Their next review is in 1 month, which is scheduled for January 2023. It is currently in the NGO submission phase of its UPR cycle. To find out more about the UPR lifecycle click on the Uproar Tools button

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