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Uproar is a programme championing digital rights in over 30 countries across Africa, MENA region and Central Asia through the Universal Periodic Review, a mechanism of the UN Human Rights Council. This initiative is coordinated by Small Media, a UK-based organisation, to support and strengthen freedom of expression online.

  • Strategy

    The Uproar project works to advance the cause of digital rights globally by supporting our network of partners to engage in international advocacy at the Universal Periodic Review. We do this by supporting digital rights organisations to advocate effectively for human rights online through the UPR and national and regional-level decision-makers. We support capacity building, advocacy, design and research.

  • History

    Small Media is a London-based organisation that works to support freedom of expression and access to information globally. We work with our global partners to develop strategies and tools that can support human rights defenders, activists and journalists to work. In line with Small Media’s goals we realised an opportunity to engage in the UPR, and in 2018, we decided to set up the Uproar programme to amplify digital rights.

  • Impact

    By working together to get internet freedom on the agenda at the UPR, we put pressure on governments to roll back harmful internet controls and implement rigorous protections for freedom of expression online. As a result, we have recorded enormous success in sustained advocacy - including recommendations on digital rights by 22 countries in Tajikistan and over 15 in Tanzania.


Uproar is composed of a dynamic and multi-disciplinary team of human rights experts, researchers, designers and developers based in the UK and across Africa.

  • Catherine Anite

    Director of UPROAR, Uganda

  • Hannah Machlin

    Advocacy Manager, UK

  • Tomiwa Ilori

    Researcher, Nigeria/South Africa

  • Joanna Poplawska

    Finance Officer, Poland

  • Surasti Puri

    Head of Design, UK

  • Ethan Salmon

    Junior Designer, UK

  • Dodo Wang

    Social Media Consultant, UK

  • Nicolas Raptis

    Social Media Coordinator, Greece

  • Riccardo Erra

    Developer, UK

Coordinating Partners


    The Collaboration on International Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) is a NGO based in Kampala, Uganda. CIPESA facilitates the use of ICT in support of development and poverty reduction. As part of the Uproar network, CIPESA works with digital rights organisations across our target countries to document human rights violations and identify areas where support is needed.

  • Data4Change

    Data4Change is a UK-based non-profit organisation working at the intersection of data, design, journalism and technology, collaborating with organisations on social and policy change interventions to forge real change and lasting impact. D4C designed and developed Uproar Tools, a powerful platform that allows users to explore and interrogate all recommendations put forward at the Universal Periodic Review.

Partner Organisations

We support a network of partner organisations across target countries to advocate for internet freedom through capacity building in advocacy, research and awareness building.

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