Step up the protection of media practitioners and take steps to ensure accountability for crimes against journalists.

Ghana is located in West Africa and has a population of 32.4 million people. It is one of Africa's most democratic countries and its 1992 constitution guarantees freedom of expression, access to information, and press and media freedoms. Internet users in Ghana enjoy a digital space that’s largely free from technical filtering and censorship. However, intimidation of dissenting voices, impunity for crimes committed against journalists and arrests and prosecutions targeting users, activists and journalists for their online activities remain a challenge. Additionally, privacy protections were eroded with the adoption of the 2020 Cybersecurity Law.

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Upr cycle

Ghana was last reviewed in November 2022.

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    Ghana cluster

    The country clusters are a local working group in each Uproar target country made up of our partner organisations. The clusters are organised by local lead organisations, who then coordinate local civil society and human rights defenders with digital rights expertise to engage in national-level advocacy and campaigning.